The Hybrid Workspace

By April 29, 2021 Business

Hybrid workspaces combat the 9 am to 5 pm trend that has been the cornerstone of office working for years. Instead, they seek to create a balance between the social collaboration side of being in the office and the flexibility of working from home. Realistically, they are co-working spaces within the same company.

As we adapt to a new normal, the world of work is still evolving, with the concept of a hybrid workspace now emerging. Globally, 37% of companies say they expect more than half of their employees to work remotely on a permanent basis, according to Cisco’s Future of Secure Remote Work Report that surveyed more than 3,000 global IT decision-makers. In the U.S. and U.K., that figure rises to 50%; in Brazil and India, it’s 53%.

No matter what shape each organization’s workforce takes, COVID-19 has highlighted the need for flexibility and resilience. Most companies quickly realize that moving toward a hybrid workspace has even bigger benefits. While cost savings in the tens of millions (or more) are often realized by moving to this new environment, smart organizations are re-investing a portion of that savings back into the workplace. They are adding features that support employees, which leads to productivity improvements that drive better top-line results.

Here are some of the great benefits this new hybrid workspace trend has:

  • It enables collaboration: Today’s companies demand unprecedented levels of productivity and innovation to stay competitive. Markets are being constantly disrupted by new players that bring better ideas, so having a modern workspace with the ability to create a diverse environment that encourages people to work together is the new office ideal.
  • It attracts new talent: The war for talent is what most companies battle for nowadays, and recruiting the top-of-the-line talent in a modern workspace is a powerful weapon. You’re no longer competing with other companies for top candidates based on salary alone since you can offer a welcoming, efficient and effective workplace where people want to collaborate with others and accomplish their work.

Now the big question, how can companies get started implementing the hybrid workspace? Well, it’s possible to transform your current workspace but really for the best result is to achieve cultural changes and provide efficient, low-cost solutions like a move-in ready office space with all-inclusive amenities that make work enjoyable for your team with a built community and great perks that just makes it fun to come to work.

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