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January 2022

Are You a Solopreneur? Use These Effective Resources to Boost Business Today

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As a business of one, you’ve got to be well-equipped to deal with the day-to-day challenges of setting up your own venture. You’ll face good days and perhaps a lot of bad days – but take these opportunities as a way to grow your business while doing what you love. Learning and adapting from your mistakes is key to the entrepreneurial mindset. Lucky for you, there are tools and resources out there that will set you up for success while reducing those pesky mistakes from the get-go.

In this article, Business E Suites presents the most effective resources to help balance your tasks, make difficult decisions, and fatten up your savings account.

For Finding Work/Clients

The first step for any freelancer or solopreneur is to find work. You will need to get your services out there, establish your reputation and authority, and set yourself up as a quality provider. According to the Freelancer’s Union, approximately 57 million Americans switched to freelancing as of 2015. This indicates that there’s a lot of work out there – you just need to look for it in the right places.

Resources: Platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, and Guru, or online job boards.

For Running Your Business

You will also need to set up a business structure to ensure smooth sailing in the future. One of the best formations for those starting a new business is an LLC or Limited Liability Company. The benefits of an LLC include tax advantages, limited paperwork and liability, and the flexibility to operate within your own terms. Different states have different regulations for forming an LLC, so be sure to do your due diligence before moving ahead.


Resources: Online LLC formation sites like LegalZoom or ZenBusiness.

For Your Marketing

Marketing is a critical spoke in the wheel of a business, and you’ll need to stay on point with your strategy until you can expand enough to work with an agency. This includes branding, creating an eye-catching logo, setting up a stellar website, email marketing, and a digital marketing strategy that includes social media.


Resources: Try email marketing with Mail Chimp, and use social media sites like Instagram, FaceBook and TikTok. 

For Staying Current

As an entrepreneur, Info Entrepreneurs notes that you’ll understand that knowledge is power. To get a leg up on your competition and stay relevant, you’ll need to ensure you’re constantly learning and developing. You could do this by participating in networking events in your area or setting up a mentor relationship for advice. Signing up for online courses in various niche topics is another way to stay sharp in your field.


Resources: Networking sites like WeWork or StartupGrind or skill development websites like Skillshare or CourseHorse.

For Accountability

The best way to set yourself up in business is to stay consistent and keep motivated. However, even self-directed entrepreneurs can veer off track when they’re not monitoring and measuring their progress and success. Luckily, plenty of apps out there will help you set ‘SMART‘ – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely – goals. Smartsheet has a handy worksheet to create your unique SMART goals online. Or else, you could find an accountability buddy and ride the wave together.

Resources: Goal tracking sites like Trello and Strides.

For Outsourcing

Every solopreneur will have to learn to delegate work to other freelancers and providers at some point. It is often not worth the time and effort to carry out certain tasks. Outsource these tasks so you can spend your time elsewhere and focus on growth and scalability.

Many US-based businesses find affordable talent in other countries such as Ukraine and Taiwan. If you do outsource to freelancers overseas, it’s important to set up a money transfer account to send payments. A transfer service like Remitly is reliable, secure, convenient and affordable. In fact, using Remitly to send funds to India costs nothing in transfer fees when $1,000-plus is sent, and there are more than 100,000 cash pickup locations in that country alone.

Resources: Outsourcing sites like Fiverr, Task Rabbit, and 99 Designs.

As a freelancer, you are your own boss. You make the rules – so why not make things easier for yourself? Arming yourself with the right tools and help is the most effective way to maintain your sanity when growing your business. You’ll have less to manage, thus letting you focus on the important stuff – thriving, succeeding, and of course, making profits.

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