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February 2021

The Importance of a Meeting Room

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It is no surprise that first impressions matter most and engaging with a potential client or even more importantly an established customer is one of the most important aspects of your business; the image you portray in that very first meeting will set the tone for everything else beyond that.

With the “normal” running a business from home is no surprise but that does not mean that a customer has to adapt to your new “normal”, therefore it’s always best to meet them in a professional environment to ensure a professional service will be rendered.  At Business E Suites we offer just that, meeting rooms that will guarantee a professional tone and set your business for a successful referral.  After all, the first impression is what most people keep.

See a virtual tour of what meeting room settings are available for you right in the heart of Sugar Land.  And learn more about our beyond-flexible rates for any business professional, even at their earliest stages can afford.

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Let’s Grow Together

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Real estate always keeps you on your toes, there are many things constantly on the move, but there is one thing that is often overlooked and that is turning away small businesses or clients that might not meet your criteria.

Having a defined target audience for your business helps you to understand how to advertise to bring the ideal customer thru the door, but sometimes we forget that growing your network can help your business in the long run. Many realtors might not realize that when a small business is looking for their services is already trusting them, whatever they are in the need of a single office or shared office, whatever they have a small budget or are in the process of planning for the upcoming months, the fact is that most Realtors are unable to help these clients and by not giving them options, they are turning way potential client in the future, because some of that business may need to grow and expand their office soon.

At Business E Suites we believe in creating a strong relationship with everyone no matter how far along you are on your path to success. We have co-working spaces, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and a plethora of other services and rooms to suit clients big or small. We believe in creating a strong bond with our clientele because at the end of the day we help each other grow and when it is time to move up, we will be their first call because we have already established that strong mutual relationship.

Our advice to you is to let us help you help your clients, there are ways to get even small clients in, whether it is through referral incentives or simply giving you the best price available to suit any realtor’s needs. We need to really focus and understand the importance of helping startups or small businesses take that extra step. This is where you will have your groundbreaking moments; by allowing yourself to grow with each other and benefit both ways.  Plus, Business E Suites offers great referral fees, and the best part, when any small client grows their business to the next stage, you’ll be the first call they make.



Featured Member: Pinnacle Offers LLC

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Maura Tinoco and Cadman Arthur are two of our Founding Members here at Business E Suites. They have been with us since July 2019 (before we even finished constructing our new building), and it has been a joy to watch them grow as a company and as individuals during that time.

Maura & Cadman originally met when they were both working in Healthcare back in 2011, they were both supporting their families and working hard but had dreams of bigger things. Maura had mentioned Real Estate and flipping houses as something she would love to do in the future. Cadman left to become a real estate agent in 2013. Maura eventually left to start investing in real estate in 2017. They had not spoken much since their time as coworkers, but a well-timed call by Cadman led to them teaming up when Maura started her own company- Exit Nationwide Property Solutions (quite a mouthful…) but have since re-branded themselves as Pinnacle Offers LLC (That’s more like it!).

What brought them to Business E Suites was the location which was close to both of their homes and the flexibility of being able to have a month-to-month solution that filled their needs without having to overspend. Since upgrading to our brand new building, they said it has created a more inviting and professional space for them to call home. It also brings new opportunities for them to network and connects with other small business owners like themselves.

Their ideal customers are motivated sellers who are looking to quickly sell their home and don’t want to take the traditional route and risk waiting months for their house to get a good offer. The houses they fix up and flip, are often perfect homes for small families or developers looking to rent out the house to families in the area. They work with lots of contractors and are always looking for new investors to partner with when buying houses and lots.

The greatest challenge that Pinnacle has faced is Building Momentum. This is something that every entrepreneur will struggle with starting out. In order to build their positive momentum and grow their business, Maura & Cadman set out to establish credibility with their clients by demonstrating their growing experience and track record of success in past deals and projects. Once you can point to those past successes, it makes it much easier to create a reputation of trust and quality, which will help bring in new leads and kickstart your momentum towards a thriving business!

If Cadman and Maura could give one piece of advice to fellow small business owners it would be this: DON’T GIVE UP! Tough times are bound to come. There will be days where you wonder if it was all worth it but keep pushing through and you will succeed. Believe in yourself and never settle for less than the best.

We at Business E Suites have loved being a part of Pinnacle’s journey as a growing small business, and they are a key part of our community. We look forward to seeing them continue to excel and push on to bigger and better things each year. We value all of our members here, and Maura and Cadman exemplify the exact kind of entrepreneurs and driven individuals that we look to help on their way to success.


7 Reasons to use a Virtual Mail Address

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Over the past couple of years, businesses have become increasingly virtual and remote by nature- serving and communicating with customers, coworkers, and partners from around the globe all via the internet. This movement was accelerated by the events of 2020 and has ignited a work-from-home revolution where millions of small businesses are conducting their work from a home office. While these changes have presented many challenges, they have also brought about innovative new solutions for entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach and build their brand nationwide all from the comfort of their home. Virtual Mail Addresses and Virtual Offices are one the best resources available to you and will unlock a new level of potential for you and your small business.

  1. Privacy
    • Don’t list your private home.
    • Phone numbers available.
    • Keep work and personal life separate. No walk-ups!
      • Everyone wants to keep their work and personal life separate, but it is no small task for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Working out of your home can pose many challenges but using a Virtual Mail Address can help solve them. Using a Virtual Mail Address to list your business will minimize the number of people googling your home address or even showing up at your door looking for you (yikes!). Enjoy the perks of working at home without having your home be where your business is listed. Most Virtual Offices also offer Phone Numbers, so you do not have to give out your personal number to everyone or post it online or on your business cards. These extra layers of privacy can make a world of difference and help you maintain a proper work/life balance.
  2.  Professionalism
    • Customers see a building, not a house.
    • Use the space for meetings
    • Receptionist, good for walk-ins.
      • Listing your business with a Virtual Mail Address adds a great deal of professionalism to your appearance. When a customer plugs in your address, they see an office building with multiple small businesses as opposed to seeing a house in a subdivision. This simple detail can be the difference between closing a deal or letting a lead slip away. You do not want to give the customer any reason to doubt you, so make sure you are giving off a robust and professional appearance by using a Virtual Mail Address or Virtual Office. Most of these locations will also have a receptionist and meeting spaces available on-site, which is the perfect place for you to go meet with a client if you do not want to meet at your house or the local coffee shop. Plus, the receptionist will be able to properly handle any unexpected walk-in leads who might be seeking you out.
  3. Image/Brand
    • Customers see a beautiful new building- Makes you look legit!
    • Customers do not know if you are one person or 10, home or office.
      • One of the biggest challenges for small businesses and start-ups is establishing a quality brand that customers can trust. Your services might be the best in town, but customers can be deterred if they do not feel you are legitimate and can trust you. Listing with a Virtual Mail Address or Virtual Office helps you dispel these concerns. Customers like seeing a nice office building when they search for you. They won’t know if you are just listing virtually or having an enormous corner suite in the building. Still, the simple fact that you are tied to a quality location will give them added confidence when deciding to do business with you. Taking advantage of the Meeting Rooms provided at most places will also demonstrate to your customers the quality of your brand and that they are essential to you and your company.
  4. Marketing/Google
    • Can give you access to Google My Business, which will greatly increase your reach.
    • Easier for customers to find you (online & in-person).
    • One of the most powerful tools available to any small business is Google My Business. Listing on Google will help you exponentially increase your brand awareness and generate more leads. While listing using your home address is undoubtedly an option, you will get much more traction by listing using a professional business address. With work-from-home becoming much more mainstream in 2020, Google has become stricter on who gets to list their businesses on Google My Business. Many Virtual Mail and Virtual Office locations will have certain requirements that must be met for you to list on Google, but it will be well worth it.
  5. Networking
    • Find other small businesses listing at the same building, connect with them.
    • Attend events at the building.
    • Advertise your services at the building.
    • Virtual Mail and Virtual Office providers often act as a sort of small business hub. Many will even host networking events or let you advertise your company on-site with signage or an online directory. These types of networking and marketing opportunities can be invaluable to entrepreneurs who are looking to find new clients or partners and to establish their brand. Many of the other small business owners will have gone through the same struggles you are going through, so don’t be afraid to use them as a resource.
  6. Cost/Value
    • Minimal start-up cost.
    • Avoid regret renting space.
    • Stop wasting time or hesitating!
    • Probably the most significant selling point for a Virtual Mail Address or Virtual Office is the price. You can find them for as low as $15 or $20 per month. This is a steal when considering the value you will get out of using a Virtual Address. You don’t have to commit to the high overhead of renting an office but can still enjoy the benefits of having a professional business address and listing or registering your LLC somewhere other than your home. If you have been wavering on deciding to move your company out of the house and into an office, this is a no-brainer baby step in that direction. You can avoid any potential regret from moving into space you cannot afford or don’t want to commit to.
  7. Scalability
    • Get started, build momentum.
    • No long term contracts, scale up or down as needed.
    • At some point along the journey, all entrepreneurs reach a point where they feel stuck. They are mentally prepared to start scaling up their business but are wary of the costs of hiring new employees and/or moving into a larger space. Affordable options like Virtual Mail Addresses and Virtual Offices are the perfect solution for you to start taking steps in that direction without overcommitting your capital. You can start building momentum by listing at a business address, improving your footprint with Google My Business, and beginning to expand your marketing efforts and lead generation. This momentum will help you gain the extra support and cash flow to be able to confidently move forward into the next phase of your business plan.

Take your Business to the next level with Business E Suites. We have Virtual Mail, and Virtual Office packages starting as low as $15 per month. All our services are offered on a month-to-month basis, minimizing the risk and maximizing flexibility. We have a community of over 40 small businesses and regular networking and educational seminars offered for free to all our members. This is the perfect place to grow your small business and find all the resources you need to succeed and start your journey to new heights!