Segmented coworking… WINNING way of working

By May 24, 2022 Industry

In the short and medium-term, it will not be surprising if we continue to face new variants of some viruses; however, it’s most likely that its mortality rate will decrease, which would help increase the confidence of companies and their talent in face-to-face work.

In this context, coworking buildings, due to their qualities, could be beneficial workspaces in most of the new work trends. Because they can welcome small and medium-sized companies, which have most sought to reduce their property rental costs after the complicated health period, and offer payment for specific workdays, without forcing them to purchase full weeks (which would mean a low cost, without giving up assistance).

Also, coworking spaces allow professionals to go to work in a place closer to their homes, reducing transportation time and pollution, and enjoying environments and facilities specially designed to carry out their work responsibilities.

But, to achieve these purposes, there is a condition: coworking companies seem to have thought of an intelligent redesign of their spaces, more segmented, to offer new services, as well as combinations between workrooms, meeting spaces, and other accessories, to meet the needs of different niches.

Organizations are taking all these factors to determine the future of their workplaces. If coworking spaces provide segmented products and services, they’ll have a better chance of combining and leveraging two approaches that seem opposite in business: greater transmission of organizational culture, at a distance, and efficient cost reduction when working in person.

The foregoing converts shared offices into a new meeting point for business interests in several countries, in the context of the new labor reality.

Companies that offer coworking services have the challenge of defining more focused schemes, serving user and market segments, and seeking flexibility in the use of time and space in their facilities.

What a great opportunity!