Member Feature – Ozeal Debastos

By April 1, 2021 April 5th, 2021 Business

Ozeal Debastos is the founder and owner of Ozeal Media. A nationwide podcasting and podcast consulting brand based here in Sugar Land, Texas. Ozeal has been a CoWorking Member here at Business E Suites since October of 2020 and has been influential in helping build the sense of community that makes Business E Suites feel like home to the 50+ small businesses based here.

Ozeal has always loved podcasts and podcasting, and as it continues to grow there are many people who want to get involved but don’t know how to get started. That is where Ozeal Media comes in; they help businesses and individuals get their own podcasts up and running by showing them the right equipment, optimizing their content, and finding the right channels to distribute the podcast and market their brand.

One of Ozeal’s main goals in his consulting is to help businesses humanize their leadership through podcasting. Podcasts allow brands and individuals to connect and communicate with customers and deliver their message to them in a direct and personal way.

The ideal customer for Ozeal Media is someone with a heart for service, who wants a new way to build and market their brand and utilize voice marketing to connect with their customers in a new and inspiring way. Ozeal believes voice marketing is more powerful than ever and provides a way for people to speak directly to their followers and cut through all the noise on social media.

So, what brought Ozeal to Business E Suites? Community. A friend told him about a great new CoWorking place in Sugar Land close to him. He needed a place to get away from distractions and focus, but also to be able to host consulting sessions and record his podcasts. BES offered everything he needed, and he loved the vibe and sense of community. Being around a community of small business owners like at BES has inspired Ozeal to up his game and improve his skills. That support and encouragement are invaluable to any entrepreneur because there will always be times when you get discouraged or don’t know how to handle a problem and the community is there to motivate you and help you in any way they can.

When asked what his biggest challenge has been so far as a small business owner, Ozeal said it must be what he calls Superman Syndrome, trying to do everything on your own and not asking for help. That can easily lead to burnout and overextending yourself. Focus on what you are good at and what you can control. Building a top brand won’t happen overnight, so you have to pace yourself and stay consistent. Once you can start expanding, find other people with strengths that cover your weaknesses. That is when you really start to see your business grow.

We asked Ozeal what advice he would give to other business owners starting out. He said simply, “Be patient.” Building a brand and starting your own company takes time. It won’t all come together right away and there will be many challenges, but you just have to keep working through it and trust in yourself and the vision you have. Find a community that supports and inspires you along the way during those tough times. The struggles make your victories taste so much sweeter.