Lunch and Learn – Business Funding

By April 29, 2021 Business

Business E Suites hosted its third Lunch and Learn Event featuring the topic: Business Funding with Telha Ghanchi, founder of Data Connections and Angel Investor. During these unprecedented times, funding and sustaining a business is one of our first questions as entrepreneurs, but the real mystery is understanding what funding options are available for us? Telha, a small business entrepreneur, tenant of Business E Suites, shared some insightful information about the type of funding a business can get.

What types of funding options are available?

  • Trade equity or services for startup help.
  • Join a startup incubator or accelerator.
  • Solicit venture capital investors.
  • Apply to local angel investor groups.
  • Start a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Request a small business grant.
  • Pitch an idea to family or friends.
  • Fund your startup yourself.

However, one of the most frequent questions, Telha gets is, “how do I find the money to start my business?” and the reality is that nobody is waiting in the wings to throw money just because you have a new and exciting idea. When seeking professional investors, put significant priority on your previous experience in building a business. They expect to own a portion of the business equity and possibly control the funds they provide. These are tough for a first-time entrepreneur, but it’s always worth exploring.

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