Featured Member – Roy Huddle

By June 1, 2021 Business

Roy Huddle is our resident lawyer (and ping-pong enthusiast!) here at Business E Suites in Sugarland. Roy got his law degree from the University of Houston, and he might be the ONLY Family Law Attorney you will ever meet who is Pro-Marriage!

Before starting his practice, Roy dabbled as a real estate broker and worked on mortgage lending law. Anyone who knows Roy can tell you that those things were not his true passion. Roy lives to serve others, and although he can do that through any profession, family law is where he feels like he can truly use his strengths to impact people’s lives positively.

The way Roy works with his clients is fundamentally different than most family law attorneys. Roy is openly Christian, Pro-Marriage, and wants to help his clients heal their families and avoid divorces. This is what caused Roy to break off and start his own practice, to pursue what he feels is the right way to do things. When I asked Roy the most rewarding and most challenging times in his journey as an entrepreneur, both answers stemmed from this one big decision.

It was challenging because perhaps he made a move too quickly. Roy hadn’t learned all of the basic fundamental skills and in’s and out’s of family law. Even though he wanted to do things his own way, he could have benefitted from a little bit more time learning and absorbing the knowledge of other more experienced professionals.

In the end, though, it has been an enriching experience as Roy has helped multiple families stay together and grow and improve. It is something he might not have ever gotten to experience if he had stayed with his old job and followed the status quo. Having a job that aligns with your values and lets you positively impact the world is one of the most fulfilling things we can do.

Roy joined us at Business E Suites because he loved the sense of community in the office. It fits the type of environment of love and support that he wants to create within his own business. Also, as a lawyer, Roy needs to work long hours and sometimes late at night. Many other places did not offer the 24/7 access that he needed to get his work done correctly.

One piece of advice that Roy has for other business owners starting out: have a vision and pursue your ideals, but make sure to spend some time learning the industry before taking the leap on your own. He encourages everyone to try and find a mentor that can guide them on their journey.

We love having Roy here at Business E Suites, and we hope to continue building our vibrant community with more members like him.