5 Ways a Small Business can Benefit from a Co-Working Space

By March 10, 2023 Tips

Co-working spaces offer space that inspires entrepreneurs and scaling businesses alike. Here are five ways small businesses benefit from co-working spaces.

  1. Instant Scalability. When small business owners seek office space, it is very rare for them to find something affordable that also happens to be short-term. Most commercial leases are in the 3 to 5-year range, and that’s a big commitment that many startups aren’t in the position to make.
  2. Better Value. Where co-working spaces provide value is in their access to amenities that would otherwise require you to make large capital investments. Built into the cost of many co-working space memberships is access to little things—such as coffee, copy room, and 24/7 access—and more costly items, internet, phone services, and other utilities.
  3. Improve Work-Life Balance. Work-life is a hugely important part of our every day now to workers and business owners. That balance goes out of wack when you work where you live. Co-working spaces allow solo entrepreneurs and teams of all sizes to create a separation between home and work life. As a result, 70% of workers report feeling more relaxed at home since they started co-working.
  4. Access Beautiful Spaces. No crime in working at a Starbucks; it’s easy yet costly access to coffee. Did you know a rising number of people find it incredible to work at co-working spaces because of the feeling, the productivity, the free access to coffee, and the overall community? PLUS, it is inspiring… WINK! Come check us out.
  5. Networking Opportunities. Working from home can only give you access to so much, including the people you meet. Even a private office limits the possibility of meeting new people, including new business, because of such isolation. Co-working spaces are filled with like-minded individuals and other small businesses and entrepreneurs that you can benefit from. Perhaps, you need to meet new people, exchange ideas, and possibly collaborate on projects together.