11 Ways to REDUCE Home Office Anxiety

By May 13, 2022 Tips

The increase in remote work has made millions of people around the world adopt this modality to carry out their work and maintain productivity. However, the emotional and mental effects of a home office can cause stress, anxiety, and depression, which have also been on the rise.

Here are 11 ways to reduce anxiety when remote work is taking a toll on us physically and mentally:

  • Monitor your sleeping hours. Establish fixed times for sleeping and waking up, resting between seven and nine hours.
  • Do not use your bed for anything other than to rest. It is recommended not to work, watch television, eat, or read in your sleeping space.
  • Sunlight. Go out and get exposure, “sunbathe” or mentally clear yourself outside for at least 20 minutes a day. It also synchronizes our biological rhythms.
  • Avoid using screens or stimulating activities one hour before bedtime.
  • Establish fixed times for eating and physical activity.
  • Set fixed hours for work and family life. It includes placing limits on the interaction of messages on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp).
  • Have your own space to rest and clear your mind alone.
  • Have a stipulated space to work and use it only for that. If possible, the work area should be organized in a similar way to your office.
  • Use an ergonomic chair or comfortable office chair when sitting for long periods.
  • Complete work and take rest cycles during the working day. They can start with cycles of 20 minutes of work and three to five minutes of rest and extend them to average periods of 50 minutes of work and 10 minutes of rest.
  • Don’t avoid doing jobs that are “lazy” or uncomfortable. This can help you avoid procrastination or leaving everything to the very end.


Gradually and with discipline, your anxiety will begin to decrease, and will become a much more tolerable inconvenience.