Featured Member: Pinnacle Offers LLC

By February 2, 2021 Business

Maura Tinoco and Cadman Arthur are two of our Founding Members here at Business E Suites. They have been with us since July 2019 (before we even finished constructing our new building), and it has been a joy to watch them grow as a company and as individuals during that time.

Maura & Cadman originally met when they were both working in Healthcare back in 2011, they were both supporting their families and working hard but had dreams of bigger things. Maura had mentioned Real Estate and flipping houses as something she would love to do in the future. Cadman left to become a real estate agent in 2013. Maura eventually left to start investing in real estate in 2017. They had not spoken much since their time as coworkers, but a well-timed call by Cadman led to them teaming up when Maura started her own company- Exit Nationwide Property Solutions (quite a mouthful…) but have since re-branded themselves as Pinnacle Offers LLC (That’s more like it!).

What brought them to Business E Suites was the location which was close to both of their homes and the flexibility of being able to have a month-to-month solution that filled their needs without having to overspend. Since upgrading to our brand new building, they said it has created a more inviting and professional space for them to call home. It also brings new opportunities for them to network and connects with other small business owners like themselves.

Their ideal customers are motivated sellers who are looking to quickly sell their home and don’t want to take the traditional route and risk waiting months for their house to get a good offer. The houses they fix up and flip, are often perfect homes for small families or developers looking to rent out the house to families in the area. They work with lots of contractors and are always looking for new investors to partner with when buying houses and lots.

The greatest challenge that Pinnacle has faced is Building Momentum. This is something that every entrepreneur will struggle with starting out. In order to build their positive momentum and grow their business, Maura & Cadman set out to establish credibility with their clients by demonstrating their growing experience and track record of success in past deals and projects. Once you can point to those past successes, it makes it much easier to create a reputation of trust and quality, which will help bring in new leads and kickstart your momentum towards a thriving business!

If Cadman and Maura could give one piece of advice to fellow small business owners it would be this: DON’T GIVE UP! Tough times are bound to come. There will be days where you wonder if it was all worth it but keep pushing through and you will succeed. Believe in yourself and never settle for less than the best.

We at Business E Suites have loved being a part of Pinnacle’s journey as a growing small business, and they are a key part of our community. We look forward to seeing them continue to excel and push on to bigger and better things each year. We value all of our members here, and Maura and Cadman exemplify the exact kind of entrepreneurs and driven individuals that we look to help on their way to success.