Tips to Optimize Your Ranking in Google

By April 1, 2021 Business, Tips

Tips to Optimize Your Ranking in Google by Ahava Marketing.

You may think you need to be an engineer or an expert in web development to optimize your Google Ranking, but, I have good news for you. There are simple adjustments that will help the search engines rank your site higher.

Find the right keywords
The first thing you need to know is what keywords you would like to use to rank in Google, which means in what searches you will like your site to appear. Make sure you think the same way the users do, don’t be too technical. Try to use common sense keywords, for example; if your business is a restaurant for Mexican food in Sugar Land, do not try to use phrases like authentic Mexican food in Sugar Land, but use instead best Mexican food in Sugar, that’s how the users will look for the product or service.

Use the right Titles
When developing a section for your site make sure you use the right title for each page, for example, instead of using the title About Us you can use About Business E Suites, giving branding to the page and context to the search engine.

Name your Keywords in the first paragraph
Your home page’s first phrase should be used with the H1 title and using the keywords you are using to rank, for example; Best Mexican Food in Sugar Land or Indoor Pool Installation in Houston. This tire is the most important part doe the search engines use H1 and H2 formats
Make sure you use the right format for each part, do not abuse the use of H1 titles, instead use H2 or H3 and paragraphs <p> for long content.

Use good Content 
A simple phrase is not enough for search engines to understand your website, be aware that Google understands full paragraphs, use long sentences and use the keywords in the content.“Come and join us at Escalante’s to enjoy the best Mexican food in Sugar Land, we offer a wide menu and great prices” This paragraph provides users great context, great information and includes relevant keywords and words like prices and menu, therefore, it’s related to the food industry.

Create a Site Map
Make sure you create a site map, an XML file that can be read by the search engine robots, once you have it, go into Google Search Console and submit it to them and your site will be ready to rank higher. SEO requires time and dedication and is not something that reflects results immediately. Make sure you check monthly your rank by searching those meet words and phrases to check the progress.


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