Co-working = Creativity + Networking

By April 11, 2022 Industry

We offer a creative work environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit.  Co-working allows you to meet professionals from different backgrounds and work with them in the same workspace.  Keep in mind, that when you work in a co-working space; you interact with the community, attend events, and acquire new contacts.

Networking is essential in a co-working environment to connect with the community, have quality conversations, and build your contact list.  Networking is a technique that is used to increase the current network of contacts and get new ones to increase the volume of your business. Networking will help you get innovative ideas and solutions, since knowing the point of view of other professionals will open up new horizons for you.

Being in contact with people who work in different areas allows you to focus on things from other perspectives. It also helps you get out of your comfort zone and enhances your most creative side, encouraging the creation of innovative solutions/ideas.

To answer the question of whether coworking enhances/increases your creativity, it is necessary that we first see the advantages and benefits it brings us:

  • Increases productivity and concentration. A person is focused on their goals since they don’t have distractions at home. A co-working space inspires you to work.
  • It will increase your client list. You’ll get new contacts and clients because your business will be known.
  • By creating synergies between the members of the community, communication is enhanced, and innovative ideas arise from there.
  • Improve your social life. As a general rule, those who work at home tend to have little social life, and working in a co-working space with other professionals and attending community events, will allow you to meet new people and come out of your shell.
  • Your finances will thank you. Office or business center rental prices are excessive. On the other hand, renting a flexible or fixed space in a co-working atmosphere is much more profitable and you won’t have to worry about paying anything else, but your rent, since everything else is included.
  • It will increase your motivation because working away from home, will help you create a work routine.
  • One of the most valued benefits is that in a co-working space, new and innovative ideas are brought up due to the interaction with other coworkers. Communication between the community favors the exchange of knowledge and that is because in a community we have professionals from different fields who will contribute their knowledge and their points of view.
  • Without a doubt, another one of the most notable benefits is that a co-working space brings us increased creativity.

These results show us that co-workers feel more inspired because connecting and having conversations with other members of the community, inspire a different approach to the project, therefore showing us the importance, a co-working space brings to us.  Interacting with each other increases productivity, establishes collaborations, and opens up a whole new world full of professional possibilities.